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Tyeisha Brewer-Fields

Tyeisha Brewer-Fields is an author, speaker, certified mental health proponent, and CEO and founder of Glowing Thru Concrete, LLC; a mental health specialty, established to facilitate real healing, for those suffering under the constraints of mental illness. Tyeisha backs her initiative with an education in Behavioral Health Science, with an emphasis in trauma, community awareness, and a personal testament of overcoming her very own battles, with mental health.

Tyeisha’s mantra is clear: she is committed to watching others bloom; both growing and glowing through life’s concrete, with her help.

Familiar with the various stigmas and blockages, associated with stereotypical approaches in mental health, Tyeisha stewards her expression of advocacy, through a creative lens. In conjunction with her business, she created the Glowing Thru Concrete Podcast, a platform sharing educational tips and testimonials. She is often called upon for her expertise and has been a featured guest on podcasts: “Fireflies Unite” and “Speak up Sis”. Tyeisha has published four books, encompassing a profound knowledge of mental health awareness, and has been featured in the outstanding mental health publication, “Rally up Magazine.”

Tyeisha is on a mission to see people healed and functioning in society, healthily. Knowing all too well of its importance to our society, Tyeisha is in the works to end the unnecessary disparities, in mental health. She believes in creating a credible legacy centered around mental health awareness.

When Tyeisha is not out pioneering paths for awareness, she is a loving wife, mother, and friend.

Tyeisha Brewer-Fields.

Leader. Advocate. Legend.

Facebook: Tyeisha Alexis

Instagram: @ty_alexis

Clubhouse: @tyeisha_alexis

Tyeisha Brewer-Fields
Tyeisha Brewer-Fields: Text
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