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Adeyinka Kilani

Some of the world’s most efficient change-makers are amongst those serving in idiosyncratic sectors, fostering reliable sustainability for generations to come. Leading by example; is the astute professional Adeyinka Kilani.

Adeyinka Kilani is an author, speaker, intercessor, and Geospatial Specialist, with a sincere gift for initiating and maintaining success amongst compassionate trailblazers looking to change their world for the better. 

Adeyinka Kilani’s mantra is clear: she is inspired by female leaders, making giant strides; in their chosen fields.

Adeyinka has shown years of impressive proficiency in providing secure resolutions for a myriad of environmental infrastructures through the rare acquisition and navigation of geospatial data. She earned her bachelor’s in Geography and Planning from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, a Masters in Geography Information Systems, and an NIIT Certification in Information Technology, giving Adeyinka a global perspective and well-earned regard for her craft. Her commitment to mastery has led her into many leadership pathways, including Associate membership and induction into the British Computer Society. She makes up one of more than 40 percent of exceptional women at work in the GIS field.

Adding to her unyielding portfolio of successes is her reputation for compassion. Adeyinka is recognized in both personal and professional peer groups as empathetic and welcoming. She has a natural confidence and a sincere smile that allows people to unveil their hearts, free of judgment or fear. She brings an enlightened and impactful vernacular to the speaking arena and is admired for her profound sensibility. Adeyinka attests that her relationship with God, through the power of intercession, creates a sense of relatability amongst people and will remain a constant virtue throughout her professional and interpersonal relationships. 

When Adeyinka is not out trailblazing paths in unconventional leadership, she remains an asset to her local community and a cherished member of her family and friendship circles.

Adeyinka Kilani.

Trailblazer. Intercessor. Philanthropist.

Contact Information:

Facebook: Yinka Kilani

Instagram: yinkakilani


Adeyinka A. Kilani
Adeyinka Kilani: Text
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