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Angienette Watts

Creative leadership has offered her a unique seat, at the business table. Born to show this generation, where the authentic power lies; is the multidimensional magnate, Angienette Watts.

Angienette Watts is an author, speaker, cleric, and a licensed coiffeuse, displaying a natural propensity for enhancing culture and community, through the power of faith. Angienette serves as Co-pastor, along with her husband, Pastor Cedric Watts Sr., at The Relentless Church. She has enjoyed a multifaceted career;  from operational success, as a thriving Salon Owner; or to being a perspicacious asset to the medical field, serving thirteen years as a nurse; Angienette has made it translucent;  she is a bonafide believer. 

Her mantra is clear: God is at the center of her success. She believes that her bold and confident reliability on Jesus triggers an authentic response for her to show up boldly, in the earth. She will remain uncompromising in her devotion to that belief, even if it costs her, the crowd.

Angienette accommodates an amazing career, with high regard for education, and communal involvement. She is a member of the Gamma Phi Delta organization, for business and professional women, recognized for empowering women, giving back to the community, charities, religious organizations, and the youth. Angienette believes in empowering women to be the best version of themselves.

When Angienette is not out leading the business world, and being an example to all women, she remains a well-respected member of her communal body and the loving mother of three children. 

Angienette Watts.

Leader. Energizer. Servant.

Contact Information:

Facebook: Angienette Watts

Instagram: awatts


Angienette Watts
Angienette Watts: Text
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