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Tulisa Dennis-Manaway

Tulisa is an innovative strategist that is determined to give back more than she takes while moving people forward. Her foundation consists of creating hands on techniques to uplift, encourage, and support positive values to an overlooked population.

She is highly involved in Venture Church of Hattiesburg, MS where she serves as a Recovery Leader. Through her developmental motivational program, she gives women and girls specific strategies to overcome defeat and rise above grave situations. 

Tulisa is a National Certified Phlebotomist and practices in the medical field. She is the owner of Charlie’s Angels Geriatric Services where she offers medical expertise, cutting edge practices, and concerned care for clients. 

She is the owner and operator of Charlie’s Angels Tumblers and More! This company has a variety of unique and artistic products that are designed with love in mind. Tulisa also founded “Bag Lady Chronicles” a speaking and mentorship platform that offers knowledge, advice, and testimonial programs for women and girls that are seeking healing and wholeness.

Two of her greatest accomplishments are her wonderful children, Samuel and Di’mira Manaway. 

Tulisa Manaway

Motivational Speaker. Writer. Mentor. Woman’s Advocate

Tulisa Dennis-Manaway
Tulisa Dennis-Manaway: Text
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