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Robin A. Goff

Robin Goff is an author, speaker, superlative educationalist, adviser, and the proud CEO and founder of Medulla Momma, LLC.; an innovative educational specialty, providing a multi-genre clientele, with in-person and virtual academic tutoring services, literacy, and technologically enhanced classes; as well as quintessential business services, products, resume formation, and much more. Robin’s success is backed by a 16-year career in teaching, facilitation, coaching, and advising. 

Robin accommodates an exceptional career, with a profound respect for higher learning. She holds a Specialist Degree in Education, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; a certification in Business Education, IC3 Digital Literacy, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and has achieved Star Teacher of the Year, for 3 consecutive years.  She has served as a teacher in the public school system for the past 14 years and is now honored in her sector, as the English Department head.

Robin is a proven help to the women in her communal body as well as a teen educationalist. She is the proud originator of “Save Our Sisters (SOS)” and “Teen Talk”; two compassionate platforms used to help teens activate their voices, concerning the challenges in the modern age world; as an effort of bridging the gap between generations. In the same, Robin also motivates women to embrace the power of self-actualization and to conquer their personal fears; in order to overcome traumatic life experiences.

Facebook: Rag 2 Riches and Robin Goff

Instagram: robinagoff


Robin A. Goff
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