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Alicia S. Conerly

The journey of life is best experienced alongside compassionate mentors, advocates, and servant leaders, with a sincere passion, for humanity. Harnessing these values in abundance; is the innovative professional, Alicia Conerly.

Alicia Conerly is a Pastor’s Wife, a mother, an author, speaker, STEM educationalist, facilitator, and the proud CEO and Founder of PUSH 4 Science Educational Consulting Services, LLC.; an advocacy specialty, functioned to create, inform, and resource many, with the tools and knowledge necessary; in understanding the fundamental importance, of STEM education.

Possessing a dynamic leadership ability, infused with an uncompromising relationship with her faith; Alicia has managed to deliver all-star results through her practice; warranting a high level of respect, from supporting clientele. She is the current Principal of Monticello Elementary School.  Her professional reputation is noteworthy; as Alicia is often called-upon to work with school districts; helping in the provision of Professional Development, curriculum, and assessments, for science education. Through her specialty, Alicia was able to secure a $20,000 National Award from Shell Oil Company & NSTA to provide students with a new science lab; celebratory evidence, of a woman fastened to the importance of professional delivery, and a strong respect, for her faith. 

Alicia’s Mantra is simple: she is intentional about keeping the focus of God, at the forefront of everything she does. She attests that even with a sincere passion to champion the advocacy for an equitable, diverse, and inclusive education for students and adults, she will remain intentional in maintaining, a God-focused life.

Alicia Conerly. Leader. Educationalist. Humanitarian.

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Alicia Conerly
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