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Tiffany S. Carter

Tiffany S. Carter is a native of Atlanta, GA. She is the owner of Diversified Marketing and Consulting Group LLC, author of “Broken 7 Steps to Healing while Grieving”, the host for Tiffany Talks -Real Conversations with Tiffany podcast, and motivational speaker. Mrs. Burnette is also a Hospice Care Coordinator.

Her goal as a motivational speaker, business coach, and a serial entrepreneur is to assist others in reaching their life goals. She has been a successful insurance broker for six years and won numerous awards in this industry.

She has an ambitious spirit and love for God and is dedicated to building legacies, not only within her own family, but in the community through education. Tiffany is a humanitarian who has rendered outreach services throughout the community from a young age.

Tiffany embodies the characteristics of the Go Woman vision as a wife to Davin Burnette and mother of two beautiful young ladies Kyla and Maya, she will continue to tell her story of overcoming adversity in hopes of empowering women through words of encouragement, education, and action. Tiffany was featured in  KISH Magazine March Edition 2021, “Top 30 Women On The Rise in the Rocket City.” Tiffany  is a “Go Woman”.

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IG: @Tiffanys_Carter


Facebook: @Tiffany Talks

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Tiffany S. Carter
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