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Queen Cole

It has been said that life offers humanity, the opportunity to repeat our worst experiences, or to commit to the evolution and creation, of better ones. Helping many to recognize the enhancing benefits of self-evolution; is the compassionate professional, Queen Cole.

Queen Cole is an author, speaker, certified life coach, and the creative founder and host of podcast, Light the Path, a syndication highlighting individuals who have gained exceptional inspiration, by mastering their own life’s journey; in order to better Light the Path for someone else.

Queen Cole’s Mantra is simple: Shine with light and love in every moment.

Queen Cole is a highly sought-out motivational personality, and Vision Board guru. She has created an entire brand from the facilitation of Vision board parties, in order to aid Women, not only in the realization of their dreams, but in the execution of them.

Queen Cole has also been a featured guest on more than one dozen podcasts; is a Co-host on Royal Tea Tv, by which she headlines her very own segment, “My Dallas Life”.

Simply put, the Queen is a trusted people’s enthusiast, gifted with an outstanding tenacity and compassion for women.

When she is not out creating the best brands and lighting the path for many, Queen Cole is a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. She believes in the empowerment of the community and is committed to it service, with a unique and sincere passion to support, help, and motivate others.

Queen Cole

Motivator. Innovator. Energizer.

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Queen Cole
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