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Sharnwanika Pittman

Storytelling is a masterful art; purposed in propelling history, current culture, and collective creativity, onward. 

Sharnwanika is an author, playwright, educator, multidimensional precentor, and an originator. Though graced with an epic “show-stopping” portfolio of creativity, she is a true servant leader at heart, and uses a portion of her abilities, with communal youth. Sharnwanika currently serves as the Band, Theater, and Choir Director, at Amite High School, in Amite, LA. Her profound expertise in the arts, has proven to be a sought-out essential, as Sharnwanika was also the First Black Female Band Director/Show Choir Director, at Tylertown High School. 

Sharnwanika Pittman embraces a creative vernacular, with an authentic regard for higher education, and achievement. She earned her Bachelor of Music Degree, as a proud graduate of William Carey College. She has been a successful band and choral director, for more than 13 years. In 2018, she was awarded: Teacher of the Year (Amite High Magnet School) for her outstanding contributions, to the student body.

Sharnwanika remains relentless, in her successes. She even used a life altering battle with cancer, to be an instrument of inspiration; as she is the creative author of “ Fought till The Finish”; a devotional for Cancer Survivors.

Sharnwanika’s Mantra is simple:  She lives a life, inspired by overcomers. 

When Sharnwanika is not out being a prolific source of inspiration to all she knows, she is the loving wife of Jeffery Pittman, and a beloved member of her family and friendship circles. 

Sharnwanika Pittman. Originator. Luminary. Leader.

Sharnwanika Pittman
Sharnwanika Pittman: Text
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